About Us

Why purchase meats from a local farm

The flavor is amazing! The meats are much healthier and you are supporting a family farm that raises animals humanely

From our Farm to your Tastebuds!

Dry aged Beef, super tender,  full of flavor

Heritage Pork fed organic grains

Lambs raised on momma's milk and grass fed

Healthy animals produce healthy meats

You are what you eat. Know your farmer, where your meats come from, and how they are raised. Visit us at a local farmers market, give us a call, or schedule a visit.

Contact Us

Waltz Family Farm

12063 Waltz Rd, Smithsburg, MD 21783, US

(301) 714-0584 or 301-730-7225

We are farmers so we are always open. Please call to schedule meat pick up .


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